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    Rules of conduct


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    Rules of conduct

    Post by Kirstiein on Wed Jul 26, 2017 4:04 pm

    We as a gaming community are a family and as such we should act like one. Here you will be given the rules you must abide by at ALL times.

    1. Absolutely no talk of Religion or politics in forums. Everyone must remember that we all come from different cultures and backgrounds, and as such we must respect each others feelings and beliefs. Something that you find to be important regarding these issues may be offensive to others. So keep these discussions in private chats.

    2. Be respectful to all players in forums as well as in game. Lets follow the golden rule, Treat others the way you want to be treated.

    3. Do not mouth off to moderator or admin, in game or forums, if an admin or moderator tells you to do something or cease something you must do so immediately. The admin, and moderators are here to keep order and enforce these rules so listen to them.

    4. This is an english speaking server, and as such english is the ONLY language that will be allowed. Usage of any other language on forums or in game world chat will be disciplined as follows. In forums post will be deleted, in game the player will be muted and continuous violation will result in the player being banned.

    5. Hacking of game files or another players account of any kind (basically cheating) will result in deletion of your account and your ip banned from the server.

    6. Do not build on known resource areas, inside caves, or block cave entrances. If you do you will be asked to remove your structure, failure to comply will result in admin destroying your structure and a possible ban if structure is rebuilt.

    Disciplinary action for breaking these rules (unless otherwise stated) is as follows ; Warning (unless its extremely horrifying, then punishment #2 will apply), 24 hour suspension, 48 hour suspension, 1 week suspension and finally Ban (at admins discretion for a period of time) and if players behaviour is still un-acceptable then deletion of account.
    You would have to be a giant pain in the butt to reach Ban or Deletion status.

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